David Tennant was the best doctor ever. I Will Not continue to type.


FOURTH DOCTOR: Your weapons won’t work in here. We’re in a state of temporal grace. We’re multi-dimensional.
ELDRAD: What do you mean?
FOURTH DOCTOR: Well, in a sense, you see, we don’t exist while we’re in here. So you can’t hurt us, and we can’t hurt you.
— The Hand of Fear

NYSSA: And that’s another thing. The TARDIS used to be in a state of temporal grace, you said. Guns couldn’t be fired.
FIFTH DOCTOR: Yes. Well, nobody’s perfect.
— Arc of Infinity

ELEVENTH DOCTOR: You shot it! You shot my TARDIS! You shot the console!
MELS: It’s your fault!
ELEVENTH DOCTOR: How is it my fault!?
MELS: You said guns didn’t work in this place! You said we’re in a state of temporal grace!
ELEVENTH DOCTOR: Oh, that was a clever lie, you idiot! Anyone could’ve told that was a clever lie!
— Let’s Kill Hitler

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